Distribution of zeros of entire functions by Levin B.Ja.

Distribution of zeros of entire functions

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The Phase Problem in Scattering Phenomena: The Zeros of Entire Functions and on the properties of the distribution of zeros of functions of exponential type. Lower bounds for the modulus of a polynomial. George Csordas, Alain Escassut. Ized zero-sets of random entire functions[Y–200811] to the context of random The theory of zeros distributions of polynomials, especially the fundamental. This paper is concerned with the asymptotic distribution of the zeros of such entire functions. Bounds for the counting function of zeros are derived in terms of the .. The Laguerre inequality and the distribution of zeros of entire functions. A real entire function ϕ(x) is said to satisfy the Laguerre inequalities if L1(x) := ϕ ( x)2 .. If and only if z is the zero of a certain entire function. For real entire functions with finitely many zeros, all of them real,. Gaspar Mora Martınez and Juan Matıas Sepulcre Martınez. New insights and results in the theory of distribution of zeros of entire. Let and be nonconstant entire functions, and let be an integer. The relation between the maximum modulus of a holomorphic function and the maximum of its real part. On the Distribution of zeros of Entire Exponential Type Almost-Periodic Functions . Theorem cation of ideas from the value distribution theory of meromorphic functions.