H.G. Wells - Complete Works. H. G. Wells

H.G. Wells - Complete Works

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H.G. Wells - Complete Works H. G. Wells
Publisher: Longmeadow Press

Wells Herbert George Wells side of meat author and political philososopher, rough famous for his science-fantasy novels with their prophetic depictions of the triumphs of technology as well as the horrors of 20th-century state of war. Wells describes the panic that overtakes London so precisely that the reader feels like one of the fleeing mob. Wells; Read by Paul Cole 1 |MP3| – 51 Minutes [UNABRIDGED] Podcaster: Beam Me Up Podcast: April By H.G. Wells also achieved acclaim as a science-fiction writer, although he produced works in numerous other genres as well. Worried, he seeks advice from the local clergyman with hilarious results. After being thrown out of a bar for what is thought to be a trick, he tests his powers, they work! I have only recently started reading the works of H. Wells; Performed by John de Lancie, Leonard Nimoy and a full cast 2 Cassettes or 2 CDs – Approx. He influenced me to read the works of Jules Verne & H.G. I collected Paper Mache' recreations of his creatures at conventions from a sculptor named Johnny Fischner, because no toys existed. Wells, and I'm sorry I waited so long. Wells: 25 Books in One Volume (Unexpurgated Edition) is a treasure trove of the author's works, famous and otherwise. His novel The while Machine mingled science, adventure, and political comment.